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Life on Instagram

When scrolling through your Instagram feed, do you ever feel like you’re getting déjà vu? This is probably because people seem to be living the same life on Instagram.

Whether it’s a perfectly shot piece of avocado toast alongside an artistic looking latte or a breathtaking image of someone jumping from a waterfall, it’s been done before. A million times.

For this reason, was born a new insta account which has collected collages of near-identical shots posted by different influencers and photographers. Check this out @insta_repeat

Is it not insane? When we are spending a lot of time just watching what other humans are doing through the day and it's more insane when you know that some pictures were taken a million times by other people.

So what's the secret of Instagram? The secret of Instagram is that we are depending on algorithms that means that your original content is interesting only for humans but not for algorithms. If you are able to post as many posts as you can in a day after a month you will have thousands of followers just because you were productive and your content was appearing more times than others.

It's hard to stand out from the crowd and be different but we always can try, right?

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