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Brand awareness campaign


Upa Medical Spa is a home designed to provide a rest and relaxation. It surrounds visitors with comfortable and warm care, helping to restore energy and leaves customers only with good memories. We were asked for a brand awareness campaign to invite ever rushing city person to continue summer at the Upa Medical Spa.


Summer is the best time of the year and when the weather gets colder most of the people are starting to search the replacement of the summer in different ways.


Our goal was to invite people to continue summer and relax at the Upa Medical Spa. We selected the best shots for a relaxing campaign from the client’s visual material base. A campaign started as a print for city bus stops and ended up as video on JCDecaux city traffic screens.


Upa Medical Spa


Upa Medical Spa

Creative/Visual production:

Visual Marketing House

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+ 370 609 74 675

Vilnius, Lithuania

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